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Celebrating Success: Recap of Our Annual Celebration Gala

Update:07 Jun 2024

Amidst an atmosphere filled with joy and excitement, Tianhong's highly anticipated annual celebration banquet took place as planned. Employees from all departments gathered together to honor the remarkable achievements of their hard work throughout 2023. The venue buzzed with warm and friendly vibes, featuring delicious dishes, heartfelt conversations, laughter, entertaining performances, and plenty of delightful surprises. It was an unforgettable evening, leaving everyone with cherished memories of unity and team spirit.

Thrilling Kickoff to the Celebration

The celebration kicked off with an energetic speech by our CEO, Mr. Feng Xiaodong, followed by warm wishes for 2024 from various departments.

Mr. Feng highlighted Tianhong's accomplishments over the past year, praising the remarkable breakthroughs in product innovation, accolades, and sales performance. He expressed deep gratitude to all members for their dedication, support, and contributions.

Spectacular Performances

Our team not only pursues excellence in work but also boasts a wealth of talent. At this year's annual gala, we had the pleasure of enjoying a variety of colorful and exciting performances presented by our talented employees. From cosplay singing, traditional Chinese drama, dance performances, rap-singing to sand painting, each performance brought a unique flavor to the event, earning endless cheers and applause from the audience.

Award Ceremony

At our annual gala, we took a moment to shine a spotlight on our outstanding employees who truly stood out with their outstanding performance throughout 2023. These remarkable individuals played a crucial role in driving Tianhong's growth through their hard work and unwavering dedication. Tianhong values their professionalism and commitment, recognizing them as integral contributors to our success.

Grand Prize Draw

Without a doubt, we've got some fantastic prizes and surprises lined up for all our employees! From Huawei tablets and Sharp air purifiers to cozy shoulder and neck massage chairs, cash bonuses, delicious chocolates, and snack-filled gift baskets, there's something for everyone to look forward to. Who's going to be the lucky winner? Guess away!

Fun Games

Creating a joyful atmosphere is key to making our celebration a success. That's why Tianhong prepared a lineup of entertaining games for everyone to enjoy. From the hilarious "Bottle Grab" to the fun-filled "Guess Who," everyone had a blast, surrounded by laughter and joy.

At this year's annual gathering, laughter and accomplishments mingled, while hopes and sentiments danced together. We were thrilled to witness a team of vibrant, hardworking, and passionate Tianhong members who not only love their work but also embrace life to the fullest. Let's join hands in 2024, uplift one another, and forge a brighter future together!