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A Week Full of Opportunities: 2023 TEXPO DUBAI

Update:07 Jun 2024

The 14th TEXPO kicked off with great fanfare at the Dubai World Trade Center in the United Arab Emirates, marking an incredible experience for the entire Tianhong team.

Throughout this event, we delved deeper into our understanding of the UAE and the entire Middle Eastern market. We had the pleasure of introducing our expertise as a professional underwear manufacturer in tailored craftsmanship and services for men's, women's, and children's underwear, as well as home wear , to visitors from the Middle East.

Tianhong's Performance at 2023 TEXPO DUBAI

Tianhong made a remarkable impact at this exhibition, achieving tremendous success. Over the span of 3 days, we had the pleasure of hosting nearly 600 visitors from more than ten countries, representing various sectors of the garment industry, including start-ups, brand owners, sourcing agents, and others. We proudly showcased our collection of men's, women's, and children's underwear and home wear , all featuring bamboo viscose fabrics, including but not limited to:


l Boxerwoven, knitted, bamboo cotton, bamboo cotton poplin, bamboo cotton satin

l Briefmeshbamboobamboo polyesterdope dyeingdyed

l Trunkbamboobamboo cottonone-piecelaminatedseamlessmeshside openingdifferent openingcontrasting crotch color

l Boxer Briefbamboo polyesterbamboocottonbamboo cottonmeshbullet separationdyedprintedtie-dyedsports

l Color Contrast Stitching Long Boxer brief with Pocket

l Bamboo Cotton Thong

l Sexy underwearbamboo cottonmesh


l Bikini (bamboomodaldyedlaminated)

l Briefbamboobamboo cottonmodaldyeddrop-needlemeshlaminatedseamlesshigh-waisted

l Trunkbamboodyed

l Boxer Briefbamboobamboo cottondyedtie-dyed

l Bamboo Camisole

l Seamless Bra

l Seamless Tank

l Seamless Active Short Sleeve Top

Infant and Children

l Bamboo Waffle Long Sleep Pants

l Baby Onesiebamboobamboo cottonlong sleeveshort sleeveprinted

l Girl Bamboo Cotton Printed Brief

l Girl Bamboo Cotton Printed Trunk


l T-shirtmenswomenssports t-shirtshort sleevelong sleevebamboobamboo cotton

l Long Pajama Suitmenswomensbamboobamboo cottoncotton

l Long Pajama Suitmenswomensbamboo cotton satinbamboobamboo cotton

l Mens Leisure Long Pants

l Womens Bamboo Camisole

l Womens Bamboo Cotton Sleep Dress

l Womens Pajama (polyester on front side, bamboo on reverse )

l Womens Sleep Robe

If you would like to learn more about our products and manufacturing processes, please visit here


The 2023 TEXPO DUBAI took place at the Dubai World Trade Center and was organized by the Meorient International Exhibitions, with co-sponsorship from Dubai Chamber of Commerce, the Textile Association (TEXMAS), and other entities.

This exciting 3-day exhibition attracted approximately 11,000 visitors from various Middle Eastern countries. Over 1,000 exhibitors proudly displayed their products and innovations, ranging from yarns and fabrics to clothing, and home textiles.

Outlook on the Underwear Market in the UAE

The UAE stands out as the Middle East's primary hub for re-export trade and is renowned for its economic prowess. Dubai's alone boasts an annual textile trade volume surpassing $200 billion, with a yearly demand for textile fabrics and clothing exceeding $11.4 billion. Notably, the Dubai market commands a significant 5.5% share of the global textile market.

A "Clothing Hub" and "Trade Center" with Broad Market Reach

The UAE serves as a major re-export hub for textiles and apparel from Europe and the United States, and it's also a key trading center in the Middle East.

Out of the roughly $800 billion global annual clothing trade, the UAE claims a notable 5.5% share. Covering the Middle East and parts of Asia, the UAE market facilitates annual import and export trade turnovers ranging from $4.2 to $4.7 billion, impacting a population of 1.3 billion. According to data, the UAE re-exports approximately $120 billion worth of goods to Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and other Middle Eastern and African countries annually.

Large Imports of Textile Goods, Prioritizing Comfort and Quality

In the UAE, the primary imports consist of ready-made clothing, making up 56% of the total.  There's a strong preference for comfortable and breathable garments.

Notable Advantage of Chinese Textile Products in the Local Market

Chinese exports to the UAE primarily cater to the mid-to-low-end market. When compared to products from other countries, the Chinese textile industry excels in meeting the demands for small-batch, short-cycle, and fast-delivery requirements, thus enjoying significant advantages in the local market.

Versatility of Bamboo Viscose Underwear in the Middle Eastern Market

In general, the UAE experiences a tropical desert climate characterized by scorching and arid summers, alongside mild and cozy winters. During summers, temperatures often soar above 40 degrees Celsius.

Hence, individuals prefer fabrics renowned for their breathability and exceptional moisture-wicking properties to ensure a dry and comfortable feel. When choosing underwear fabrics, people in the Middle East value comfort, breathability, and adaptability to high-temperature environments, favoring sustainable fabrics.

Bamboo, a rapidly growing natural plant, yields fibers that can completely break down in nature, making them truly environmentally sustainable materials. Bamboo viscose is 4.5 times more breathable than cotton, with much higher moisture absorption. Furthermore, bamboo viscose fabrics are soft and gentle, providing a comfortable wearing experience without irritating the skin.

In summary, bamboo viscose underwear offers breathability, moisture absorption, and soft comfort, making it highly suitable for the hot climate of the Middle East and meeting the demand for comfort, cleanliness, and environmental friendliness.

Once again, thank you for stopping by our booth at TEXPO. Your visit has truly inspired us, and we're committed to pushing the boundaries of underwear comfort while championing environmentally sustainable practices. Together, we can pave the way for a brighter and greener future.

For further inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].